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Make your money work for you

Secrets to paying next to zero in taxes

These are some of the savvy ways to grow

So you can have multiple streams of income, security, and time freedom with your family.

October 5th we are sharing 7 successful experts, with a combined experience of 10 decades, share their secrets. If you want to be or improve as a savvy business entrepreneur you don’t want to miss this.

You may think,

I only need one source

You don’t have enough education

You just don’t even know where to start

You don’t have enough time

especially in this unstable economy.

Some of these may seem like a mystery,

How do you keep more of the money you make

Why you should create assets

How to Make your money work for you

We get it, that is why we are bringing you the best of the best and sharing our experience Becky with decades of credit repair for personal and maximizing business credit so you look like a queen on paper and creditors are at your beck and call for any loan you want.

This brings us to Jo Anna who teaches you how to retire early through real estate assets using her proven step-by-step system that has her nationwide students closing on deals in today's market. Cash Flowing as an alternative income to their business and max tax savings that you can only get from an asset class like this.

We want you to know how creating multiple streams of income can lead you into being that SAVVY Business entrepreneur you want to be - who has the cash flow, diversification, and time freedom.

“You don’t build a business to make money, you build a brand to buy real estate assets and that’s the way you pay zero in taxes” ~ Robert Kiyosaki


Expert Lineup

Jo Anna Wright is the founder of Bottom Line Wealth and is recognized as an expert in creating more than $5 million in real estate transactions for her students. She has over 19 years of experience as a licensed multi-million-dollar real estate professional and Investor specializing in wholesale, fix and flip strategies. Teaching newbie investors how to build wealth and keep more of the money they make. Her passion is teaching women to build wealth with ease, that assets are sexy, create confidence and independence.

Becky Estep-Noble is a Published Author, Credit Expert, I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. I have been featured as an Expert Speaker on Fox 25. I have spoken Nationally about how to get Irresistible credit and find easy access to business funding. Growing up Becky has always been interested in helping people from owning a Cleaning Business, investing in Real Estate, being a Mortgage Broker, and also Helping People achieve their personal and business dreams by teaching all about the unspoken rules about credit.

Rob Robson is an internationally renowned business and success mentor. Rob's personal story of going from a troubled youth to a successful leader & entrepreneur at 21 years old has inspired millions of people around the globe.

As a Policy Council member of The Life Platform, his passion and purpose is to decentralize power and profits through leading the Consumer Rebellion.

Known as the “Launch and Leverage Strategist,” Abigail Tiefenthaler is the Co-Founder of Savvy Sales Strategy, a marketing and sales agency that works with professional coaches who want 6-figure years and need Implementation with Impact to stay focused and on a path to success.

Abigail honed her strategic branding and marketing skills on Fortune 100 clients. She found clients got results faster with marketing and sales that were ongoing, systemized, and aligned. Today Abigail and Tami Crea bring the best of branding, marketing, and sales so their clients can go from practitioner to business owner.

Rhonda Thomas is the CEO of National Business Concepts, an Oklahoma-based Accounting and consulting firm. Rhonda has devoted well over 30 years in Management Accounting assisting companies with a unique approach of looking at their businesses from the inside out rather than from the outside in. With strategy and problem solving as top strengths it has allowed Rhonda to assist many business owners to lead their businesses out of the red and into the black.

Sandy Northup is proudly serving as a board member for NACSO (National Association of Credit Services Organizations). She attended Appalachian State University on a full academic scholarship and graduated with a degree in Accounting. She received an MBA from NC State University where she published an article that is used as a teaching tool at Universities such as Rutgers and Purdue. She has 5 amazing children and has the pleasure of owning this business with her wonderful husband Paul. She loves helping clients and business owners make their dreams come true!

Pam Barrett has developed relationships since 1992 that has allowed her to become a private lender and help fund other investors’ projects. Most recently she has partnered with a company that helps clients convert debt to wealth in record time and that is where her focus is today. We have already eliminated more than 2.25 billion dollars of debt and put families on a path to wealth with those numbers climbing every day.